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Private Cloud Provider

What is a Private Cloud and What's In It For SME'S (Small and Medium Enterprises)?

Private Cloud is a complete server replacement platform for SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) that allows them to run their whole business in "the cloud". Private Cloud provides internet based storage, operating systems, software, applications and user settings which allows secure access ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on ANY DEVICE.

No more On-Premise Servers to worry about.

Using Private Cloud enables SME's to focus on their business operations and not their IT Infrastructure. Private Cloud benefits include:

  • Mobility - Work anywhere, anytime on any device.
  • Cost Predictability - With TeknaDigital, unexpected costs are a thing of the past.
  • Risk - Take control of your business.
  • Security - Secure an asset you can't replace: your data.
  • Fully Managed Service - All encompassing specialist services.

If you are the owner of a company with 10 to 50  (or 20 to 80) PCS and are considering Private Cloud Hosting then DON'T DO ANYTHING until you get and read one of our FREE REPORTS.

All our reports will discuss in simple, non-technical terms the pro's and con's of cloud computing, data security, how to choose a Private Cloud Hosting Provider as well as 3 little facts that most IT Consultants either don't know or won't tell you about cloud computing. These little facts alone will will help you avoid situations that could potentially cause you MORE problems and costing you more money than you anticipated.

Digital Marketing Supplier

How Does Digital Marketing Work and What's In It For SME'S (Small and Medium Enterprises)?

Digital Marketing is the skill of knowing what strategies, tools and services to use effectively throughout the year increasing reach and visibility of your business and getting your desired results!

Gone are the days where you MUST get on the first page of Google. Gone are the days of just having a website presence. Gone are the days of digital companies being effective in all things. We are in the era of specialisation; not generalists.

TeknaDigital is a complete digital marketing supplier that works in collaboration with other service providers who are masters of their respective fields. TeknaDigital is committed to using the Upgraded Educational Direct Response Marketing model that journeys with cold suspects, step by step as they learn through our innovative creative messaging systems leading them to becoming raving fans.

The very same way we have connected with you. That very same strategy can be adapted for your particular niche.  Our team of software developers, design architects, social media managers, web designers and video production crew do all the hard work under the hood to ensure results oriented delivery for you. The best part of our business. We have passionate on-fire sales and marketing professionals in the team who know how to identify areas in your marketing that can be tweaked.

Our catch phrase is "Run your whole business ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on ANY DEVICE using the perfect auto-pilot marketing system that we have developed in conjunction with other suppliers that have the same objective serving our clients."

If you are the owner of an SME and are considering Digital Marketing then you should register for our FREE REPORTS.

All our reports will discuss in simple, non-technical terms the pro's and con's of SEO, Google Adwords, Job Management Programs, Youtube, Pinterest, Websites and Blogs, Facebook Advertising and Joint Venture Marketing, how to choose a Digital Marketing Supplier as well as the 5 reasons you should get access to and read our FREE REPORTS before doing anything.

Some of the Free Reports Available

5 Critical Facts

“5 Critical Facts Every Business Owner Must Know Before Moving Their Network To The Cloud.” Do you know what is worse than not knowing what you don’t know? Knowing and not doing anything about it.

Private Cloud Explained

What do we mean when we say : “Putting IT infrastructure and IT administration services and your systems such as Exchange servers, Microsoft suite software, business supply chain systems; protection and data storage, disaster recovery etc.” Free Reports Available.

Digital Development

Confusion, complexity and condemnation are words that limits people thinking therefore that feeds fear, greed and corruption. Technology is a servant and not the master. What are the technical things you want your business to master? We have a series of reports for that. Collaboration comes to mind.

Photographic Memory

A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagination is not limited to what’s on your mind. Imagine the explosive growth you can have if you took the time to build the perfect auto-pilot marketing machine. Take a mental picture again and again … 

Strategic Thinking

Its is one thing to have a strategy and come up with all sorts of ideas. Until you act on the messaging element that is specific educational and direct …. you will be the same as everyone else. What strategy can you think of to bring about change?

Be, Do, Have

In order to be successful there are certain things you must do which means you have to make time. We help you focus on your business so you could be more productive. We not only move forward but we can do things in reverse. Make time to do something courageous so you can be successful.

Who is TeknaDigital?

In order to ensure we deliver on our promises we needed to expand our areas of expertise so our clients know their business outcomes are in trusted hands. To provide you with results that deliver we are comprised of :

  • Private Cloud Technology - Systems Architects 18 years experience
  • Digital Marketing - Specialists in every area of digital technology
  • Finance & Accounting - Business equipment lenders & accounting
  • Business Management - Specialist consultants & account executives
  • Sales & Marketing - Direct sales mastery and internet marketing executives.
  • Recruitment & Development - Team building and development.
Private Cloud Competency
Digital Marketing Expertise
Finance & Accounting
Business Management
Sales and Marketing
Delivery Promises
Client Acquisition & Retention
Team Recruitment